The Opposite of Rejection

169 times since April 2013. That's how many times I've sent a story to a market and it's been rejected. 

14 times. That's how many times "A Fearful Lesson" was rejected from a market since I wrote it in October of 2013.

1 time. That's how many times "A Fearful Lesson" became my first fiction sale.

That's right. I'm excited to say that I sold a story. And as much as all the rejections put a stink in the rest of my day, this has me more excited than I ever imagined.

So, in Q1 of 2016, "A Fearful Lesson" will appear in the Spring Edition of The Colored Lens. You'll be able to buy it on once it's live, and hey. I'll probably send out a blurb when it is.