New News and New Story

I'm thrilled to announce two new story sales.

My short story "To Hell With Kessler" will appear in issue #6 of Ares Magazine. It follows a group of luck-challenged pilots as they escort a supply transport through a debris field that surrounds Earth and separates it from rest of our galaxy. This issue goes to press soon, so stay tuned for updates on publication.

"On the List" also sold to On Spec. Publication date is still TBD, but I'm thrilled to announce this sale, as this story's been to 30 markets and been through several rewrites. I'm excited to finally share it with the world.

Finally, I'm sharing a piece of MicroFiction here. At 150 words, Predator isn't a long read, but I hope you'll find it entertaining and at least worth the couple minutes it takes you to read it.



by Brad Preslar

It moved, hitching and crab-like, toward the boy and the man. Silver moonlight slipped through tall pines to drip from its massive, glittering carapace. It looked like something born in a web and raised on Mars. Between two forelegs that tapered to claws, its head twisted from side to side.

The man stepped between thing and boy, left hand pulling the boy into the back of his hip while his right raised a blade. The boy shook, afraid as he'd ever been. Too afraid to even cry, he choked out sobs instead.

It killed the man without guile. Forelegs flashed and the man fell, leaving the boy standing alone. He cried then, terror finally spilling from him like the man's dark red blood. The thing skittered forward and wrapped the boy in blood-stained arms. In a voice of gravel and song it whispered, "Safe now. He can't hurt you anymore."